Teaching files

These presentations are from the Royal Free Radiology SpRs weekly Friday teaching meetings. We hope that you find this a useful resource of on-going Radiology education.

TitleAuthorDateModalityBody Part
HipsS Stuart 14/12/2008 Plain FilmMSK Download 14_12_08_SS.pdf
Do not forgetY Tang 14/03/2008 Plain FilmChest Download 140308_chest_yt.pdf
MandibleA Hameeduddin 08/02/2008 Plain FilmMSK Download 08_02_08_AH.pdf
Bone TumourY Tang 11/01/2008 Plain FilmMSK Download 11_01_08_YT.pdf
AppendicitisS Stuart 08/11/2007 CTGI Download 08_11_08_SS.pdf
Renal FailureR Katz 01/11/2007 Plain FilmMSK Download 01_11_07_RK.pdf
Seronegative ArthritisA Hameeduddin 19/10/2007 Plain FilmMSK Download 19_10_07_AH.pdf
Gastro-intestinalJ Harris 24/08/2007 BariumsGI Download Bariums.pdf
Heart BorderR Hargunani 17/08/2007 Plain FilmChest Download 17_08_07_RH.pdf
Chest X-rayS Stuart 27/07/2007 Plain FilmChest Download Chest X-Ray.pdf
OsteopetrosisG Wignall 29/06/2007 Plain FilmMSK Download Osteopetrosis.pdf
Bone LesionsS Stuart 15/12/2006 Plain FilmMSK Download bone lesions.pdf
Wegner'sT Booth 03/11/2006 Plain FilmChest Download Wegener’s.pdf
Lung SegmentsUnknown 27/10/2006 Plain FilmChest Download Lung Segments.pdf
Crohn'sR Hargunani 27/10/2006 BariumsGI Download Crohn
Bone LesionL Makalanda 25/09/2006 MRIMSK Download Bone Lesion.pdf
AppendicitisR Hargunani 26/05/2006 CTGI Download 260506_gi_rh.pdf
Small bowel MalrotationN Kandasamy 19/05/2006 BariumsGI Download 190506_gi_nk.pdf
LymphangitisJ Maclachan 27/04/2006 Plain FilmChest Download 270406_chest_jm.pdf
Pulmonary LesionsN Kandasamy 24/02/2006 CTChest Download 240206_chest_nk.pdf