Welcome to Rapidology

Welcome to Rapidology.co.uk – a site offering educational opportunities to Consultant Radiologists, Clinicians, Registrars, Radiographers and Junior Doctors. We believe that continued education of all medical related staff is an integral component to offering the best care to our patients.

Rapidology has been offering radiology education programmes since 2006.
Feedback from some of our lectures includes:

“The CT Coronary angiography lecture was so clear and concise. Thank you for asking this speaker to lecture”

“The adrenal lecture will make a considerable difference to my confidence in reporting adrenal lesions”

“Thanks again for organising these lectures. I found the liver contrast agents’ lecture very clear and very useful, and have certainly brought back some interesting discussion points.”

“I wanted to thank you for organising these wonderful lectures for free! The lecture on CT colonography was clearly up to date and delivered concisely from an author of the ESGAR Consensus statement on CT colonography.”

We are pleased to announce the 11th Annual CT Study Day on the 20th January 2018 with lectures on Emergency CT topics.

Our 8th annual MRI Workshop is on the 4 November 2017 on Liver, Neck/ENT, Neuro and PET MRI. This is a specialised highly intensive workshop with individual workstations for the candidates. Candidates can register for one of four workshops and spend a whole day in a classroom format going through cases individually with experts in the subject matter. Similar course elsewhere will charge twice as much.

Feedback from our 10th Annual MRI Study Day on the 14th October 2017 was excellent.

Dr Anmol Malhotra